Tarrytown Incorporation Centennial Medallion, 1970

Struck to commemorate the hundredth year anniversary of the official incorporation of the Village of Tarrytown in 1870. The medallion was made by the Medallic Art Company of New York, the oldest, largest private mint in America. The company has produced some of the world’s most prestigious awards such as the Pulitzer, Cooper & Peabody, as well as inaugural medals for eleven US Presidents. The … Continue reading Tarrytown Incorporation Centennial Medallion, 1970

J.H.Johnston Souvenir Spoons, c.1882

J.H.Johnston & Co. was a high end silversmiths and jewelry firm, located at 17, Union Square, New York. Started in 1844, the company specialized in highly decorative silverware and novelties, including a line of souvenir spoons commemorating notable New York figures. The coffee spoons included Rip Van Winkle, Peter Stuyvesant, and a rendering of the Headless Horseman based on Darley’s illustrations. The handle of the … Continue reading J.H.Johnston Souvenir Spoons, c.1882

Miniature Sleepy Hollow Village Ride, c.1900

This miniature train ride was an amusement at Euclid Beach Park, Cleveland, Ohio. It featured a tiny church and Ichabod Crane school house. The park itself opened in 1895, modeled after Brooklyn’s Coney Island. It had seven wooden rollercoaster, sideshows, beer halls and even gambling along side this charming representation of Sleepy Hollow Village. The amusement park’s owners aimed to ‘present nothing that would demoralize … Continue reading Miniature Sleepy Hollow Village Ride, c.1900

Washington Irving’s Funeral

The funeral service for the writer who shaped much of Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow’s identity was held at Christ Church, Tarrytown in December, 1859. The illustration appeared on the front page of Harper’s Weekly, December 17th. Irving died of a heart attack, aged 76, in his bedroom at Sunnyside. Legend has it his last words were, “Well, I must arrange my pillows for another night. … Continue reading Washington Irving’s Funeral

The Very First Drawing of The Headless Horseman Darley, 1850 Felix O.C Darley

In 1850, Felix O.C Darley’s lithograph of the Headless Horseman chasing Ichabod was released for the first time by the American Art-Union in a folio edition of the story for its members. This is the first time the Headless Horseman ever appears as an illustration. The first photo is Darley’s original lithograph, the second is a modern colorized version released by the Sleepy Hollow Press department of … Continue reading The Very First Drawing of The Headless Horseman Darley, 1850 Felix O.C Darley