Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

Today it is the Chase bank on the corner of Broadway and McKeel, but once upon a time this building was an elaborate and beautiful Greenhouse belonging to a very prominent Tarrytown resident, Frank R. Pierson. Pierson was born in 1855 and rose to become a florist and businessman becoming one of the largest importers of bulbs in the United States during the 1880s. With … Continue reading Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

Tarrytown’s First Murder, 1779

It is said the first murder in Tarrytown happened when Nathaniel Underhill killed American patriot Isaac Martling, who happened to be the older brother of Abraham “Brom” Martling. Brom was said to have been the inspiration for the character “Brom Bones” in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Both brothers were soldiers in the American Revolution. In 1779, Isaac led a mob against the … Continue reading Tarrytown’s First Murder, 1779

Ronnie Levine

Artist and author Ronnie Levine has been painting Tarrytown and the surrounding Westchester area since 1997. Her work often captures the idyllic serenity and day-to-day scenes of Main Street. Along with her artwork, she has beautifully updated the 30 foot wide mural inside Main Street Sweets Ice Cream Shop located at 35 Main Street. Her work is often found in the shops and storefront windows … Continue reading Ronnie Levine

Abel T. Stewart, 1863

Shortly after The Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863, the Civil War Draft riots broke out in New York City. Angry working class citizens responded to the draft with extreme violence and murderous rage. As the mob burned through the city, some took it upon themselves to push further north to Tarrytown to destroy the Provost Marshal’s house, where the Westchester draft records were … Continue reading Abel T. Stewart, 1863

John (Jack) Horan

The former home of John (Jack) Horan located at 142 Beekman Avenue today. Horan was the first Tarrytown resident (and some say the first New Yorker) to die in World War Two. Horan died at Pearl Harbor at the age of only 23 on December 6th, 1941. As the Japanese attacked, Horan and others thought it was shameful so few American guns were firing back, … Continue reading John (Jack) Horan

Francis Burdette Cypher’s Ice Cream Shop, 1878

In 1878, Francis Burdette Cypher opened an ice cream shop and confectionery at the end of Main Street. By the 1900s he was nationally famous for his root beer for which he received numerous outstanding offers from large companies who wanted to buy his recipes. Cypher denied them every time as he prefered to work and keep a humble life saying “When I die, They … Continue reading Francis Burdette Cypher’s Ice Cream Shop, 1878