Van Tassel Garage Promotional Blotters, 1940s.

John E. Joyce operated his auto repair and towing business out of the lower level of the Van Tassel Garage, on Beekman Avenue & Teresa Street. The Van Tassel Garage, (courtesy Westchester County Historical Society). The 40s style pin up blotters were made by Brown & Bigelow, St. Paul’s, Minnesota. The printers & publishers started in 1896, and by World War Two, specialized in calendars, … Continue reading Van Tassel Garage Promotional Blotters, 1940s.

The Mobile Company of America,1900

On July 16, 1899 Amzi Barber and John Brisben Walker purchased 225 acres at the foot of Beekman Avenue and commissioned leading architect Stanford White to build a 700 window brick and steel factory. The factory was known as The Mobile Company of America. By March 1900 the company was in full operation and by the summer the Walker Steamer was on the streets of … Continue reading The Mobile Company of America,1900

The G. & D. Silver Shoe Factory, 1857

The G. & D. Silver Shoe Factory was a footwear manufacturing plant located in Tarrytown, New York. The G. & D. Silver Shoe Company was established in 1857 by brothers George and David Silver. Their primary office and warehouse was located at 18 Warren Street, New York, New York. In 1871 the company opened a factory on Washington Street, along side the Andre Brook, where they manufactured high quality footwear. When … Continue reading The G. & D. Silver Shoe Factory, 1857

The Katrina Van Tassel home

In 1896, the Village of Tarrytown tore down the old stone house belonging to the Elizabeth Van Tassel family that had inspired a scene in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Elizabeth was inspiration for Katrina Van Tassel in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A school went up in its place, overlooking the Village. First called the Washington Irving School until 1926 when a larger school … Continue reading The Katrina Van Tassel home


This supernatural tree named Hokohongas by the Weckquaesgeeks tribe stood for over 300 years in the area we know today as Philipse Manor. The tree was of utmost importance to the tribe and their annual wheat ceremonies were held underneath it. It was also used as a final resting place for their leaders. Nearby, the fort which protected the tribe from hostile Natives stood on … Continue reading Hokohongas

Farrington’s Drug Store, 1893

Farrington’s Drug Store was a pharmacy located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, founded and operated by Evander Farrington. Evander Farrington constructed the pharmacy at 60 Beekman Avenue, on the corner of Washington Street and Beekman Avenue in 1893  after previously being located elsewhere on Beekman Avenue for five years. He was assisted by his son, Frederick Farrington, who eventually took over the business. The pharmacy was a popular gathering … Continue reading Farrington’s Drug Store, 1893

Francis Burdette Cypher’s Ice Cream Shop, 1878

In 1878, Francis Burdette Cypher opened an ice cream shop and confectionery at the end of Main Street. By the 1900s he was nationally famous for his root beer for which he received numerous outstanding offers from large companies who wanted to buy his recipes. Cypher denied them every time as he prefered to work and keep a humble life saying “When I die, They … Continue reading Francis Burdette Cypher’s Ice Cream Shop, 1878