The 2020 October Guide to Sleepy Hollow

By Dani October Do you want to know what the best thing about Sleepy Hollow is? Thanks to Washington Irving, this quaint little village on the shores of the Hudson River has become the authentic American Halloween experience, even without all the frills and thrills. So it’s safe to say that even though we have basically had all our Halloween events canceled this year due … Continue reading The 2020 October Guide to Sleepy Hollow

A Letter to Main Street…

To All The Storefronts on Main Street, Tarrytown, N.Y Greetings! My name is Dani Spencer and I run a website and social media page called TarryHollowTown. The site focuses on the history of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow while also acting as a community events page for those who live in the area or are interested in visiting. This year we are building up an event … Continue reading A Letter to Main Street…

The Sleepy Holloween Costume Drive

The Sleepy Holloween Costume Drive is a collection of new or gently used Halloween costumes aged infant to teenager for those in need or living in shelters. Every year countless of children miss out on the very important and special occasion of Halloween night and Trick-or-Treating because they cannot afford a costume. This is heartbreaking to a child. Halloween is an opportunity to dress up, … Continue reading The Sleepy Holloween Costume Drive

Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

Today it is the Chase bank on the corner of Broadway and McKeel, but once upon a time this building was an elaborate and beautiful Greenhouse belonging to a very prominent Tarrytown resident, Frank R. Pierson. Pierson was born in 1855 and rose to become a florist and businessman becoming one of the largest importers of bulbs in the United States during the 1880s. With … Continue reading Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

The 2019 October Guide to Sleepy Hollow…

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y is fast-moving its way into the Halloweentown spotlight with a growing number of haunting events all October long! While this literary and legendary village has a number of events all year and Fall-long, this list is an easy access focus of all the October highlights and must-sees of the best month of the year! As we make our way into the enchanting … Continue reading The 2019 October Guide to Sleepy Hollow…

Unearthed Remnants of the Main Café

Recent renovations to the closed down laundromat on the corner of Main and John Streets unearthed a formerly hidden of relic of bygone Tarrytown social life. Workers on the new restaurant planned to occupy the former laundromat which closed several years ago discovered two beautiful signs above the window frames. One, a rusted blue and white enamel sign simply says Café, whilst the other was … Continue reading Unearthed Remnants of the Main Café

Peek-a-boo Apartment Raided, June 17, 1919

100 years ago today, the “Peek-a-Boo” apartments were raided by the plain clothes police chief of Tarrytown and a one “Mame Kaiser” was arrested and banished from Tarrytown for running the disorderly house by Justice Armstrong. Two of her girls were also arrested and released with the warning not to be seen unaccompanied on the streets of Tarrytown again after dark unless with a family … Continue reading Peek-a-boo Apartment Raided, June 17, 1919

Tarrytown’s First Murder, 1779

It is said the first murder in Tarrytown happened when Nathaniel Underhill killed American patriot Isaac Martling, who happened to be the older brother of Abraham “Brom” Martling. Brom was said to have been the inspiration for the character “Brom Bones” in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Both brothers were soldiers in the American Revolution. In 1779, Isaac led a mob against the … Continue reading Tarrytown’s First Murder, 1779

Wolfert’s Roost, 1855

1855 edition of Wolfert’s Roost by Washington Irving generously donated by author Neil Cohen. Wolfert’s Roost tells the story of Irving’s home Sunnyside which began almost 200 years before he lived there with Wolfert Acker, a Dutch-American inhabitant of the region. His property, Wolfert’s Roost, was part of the Manor of Philipsburg. Among other buildings, Wolfert’s Roost contained a simple two-room stone tenant farmhouse, built around 1690, which … Continue reading Wolfert’s Roost, 1855