A Letter to Main Street…

To All The Storefronts on Main Street, Tarrytown, N.Y


My name is Dani Spencer and I run a website and social media page called TarryHollowTown. The site focuses on the history of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow while also acting as a community events page for those who live in the area or are interested in visiting.

This year we are building up an event called “Light Up The October Night!” and we are asking the storefronts of Main Street to decorate their windows or immediate outside areas with orange lights and/or Halloween decorations for the season (October 1st-31st).

We feel this will be a wonderful way to show those visiting our outstanding village spirit! It will also look great and add to the legendary energy our area is so well known for, possibly bringing more visitors to shop/eat/enjoy when word gets out how photo-worthy our streets are!


I will also be featuring each business participating on our website/social media page and promoting them throughout the season.

Of course, this is completely optional. I do not work for the Village or Chamber of Commerce in any way. I am just a gal with a website and an enormous love for our village trying to start up something I think could become a tradition and last for years to come! So any effort to decorate however big or small is entirely noticed and appreciated! We have a few businesses that have joined in the effort so far, so it is starting to shape up and we are excited to see how Main Street turns out this year…This could be a lot of fun!

Thank you so much for your time and contributions to our wonderful village and I hope to see your windows glowing brightly come October 1st!

If you would like to RSVP to this event just go to


You can also go ahead and decorate without the RSVP as well…it is just a way for me to see if you would like to join in this year, but it is not necessary at all.

On a separate note, we are also running a Halloween Costume drive for children living in homeless shelters. The donation center is located in The Warner Library, so if you have any new or gently used costumes you wish to drop off, or if you could hang up the costume drive flyer in your establishment for others to see and take part in, the kids would greatly appreciate it! our goal is 100 costumes for children in need this year! We also have a GoFundMe started to buy costumes for those who do not have them to donate.


Have a great October season!


Dani Spencer

@Tarrryhollowtown on Instagram

Light up Flyer