Pierson’s Greenhouse 1880s

Today it is the Chase bank on the corner of Broadway and McKeel, but once upon a time this building was an elaborate and beautiful Greenhouse belonging to a very prominent Tarrytown resident, Frank R. Pierson.

Pierson was born in 1855 and rose to become a florist and businessman becoming one of the largest importers of bulbs in the United States during the 1880s. With large Lily farms in Bermuda he supplied the entire United States with his famous Bermuda Easter Lily and introduced many other valuable plants, often having exhibitions at the World’s Fair.

Pierson was also very involved with the education of Tarrytown. A firm believer in the public school system, he was also a member of the Board of Education for many years before becoming president. It was through his efforts that the Old Washington Irving, turned Pierson high school was erected. Today it is the Landmark Condominiums.


Pierson also had a second greenhouse located on Main Street where taste of China now stands.


Second picture of the Old Chase/Greenhouse from local historian Henry Steiner’s Blog headlesshorsmanblog.com