The Dean House

For a short time, Main Street was known as Post Office Hill because the Post Office was located at the bend of the Hill in a small house owned by a Veteran of the American Revolution. Sergeant John Dean became postmaster in Tarrytown Shortly after 1800 and remained so until he died in 1817. His wife Mary took over the post and became Tarrytown’s first post mistress. Their son Thomas operated the store thereafter, and was postmaster for 19 years.

The Dean House on the upper right

According to records, a one-horse rig brought in the mail tri-weekly where it was dumped into a large wooden candle box that sat on the counter as everybody sifted through it looking for his own, oftentimes reading one others in the process.

In 1900 the Dean house became “The Far and Near Tea Room” operated by a Mrs. Lowe. The historic structure was torn down in 1912 to make Room for a Village Park.

Tea Room sign seen on the left of the Old Dean House
Present site in 2019

The Dean house which sat at the South West corner of Broadway and Main Street is now occupied by a 7-11.