Ronnie Levine

Artist and author Ronnie Levine has been painting Tarrytown and the surrounding Westchester area since 1997. Her work often captures the idyllic serenity and day-to-day scenes of Main Street. Along with her artwork, she has beautifully updated the 30 foot wide mural inside Main Street Sweets Ice Cream Shop located at 35 Main Street. Her work is often found in the shops and storefront windows of Tarrytown and is for sale on her website.

In the words of the artist…

“I fell in love with the Rivertowns in 1997, after painting in such places as Central Park and the South Street Seaport, and doing copies and gallery scenes in the Metropolitan Museum. I’ve painted in Tarrytown since 2001, and my studio has been here since 2004. I can’t believe my luck every time I approach from up the hill and see the village and the river beyond.

My art technique is traditional oil painting with an emphasis on color, light, and emotional nuance. I studied painting at the Art Students League in New York City and the Art Institute of Boston. Artists of the past who’ve been significant influences include Monet, Manet, Vermeer, Hopper, and Velazquez. Whenever possible I work outdoors, from life rather than from photographs, because though I love photographs, they aren’t the 3D, ever-changing scenes we see with our own eyes. I will work from photos if necessary, e.g. in bad weather, and my experience at painting on location helps me keep those studio paintings lively. 

In addition to painting, I wrote a mystery novel, set mostly in Tarrytown, about an artist and a police detective who investigate a case of forgery and murder. “The Ice Cream Shop Detective” is both an artist’s crime-solving adventure and a musing on what constitutes greatness in figurative art. 

Seeing life become art satisfies something deep in the psyche of many people. I see it in their faces when I work in public. Art is at its best for me when it provides a pleasurable, psychologically aware moment away from the troubles of modern life and helps draw together people from many different backgrounds. 

We all know about the world’s problems–my role is not to rehash them but rather to add to the positives.”