John (Jack) Horan

The former home of John (Jack) Horan located at 142 Beekman Avenue today.

Horan was the first Tarrytown resident (and some say the first New Yorker) to die in World War Two. Horan died at Pearl Harbor at the age of only 23 on December 6th, 1941. As the Japanese attacked, Horan and others thought it was shameful so few American guns were firing back, so John without hesitation and with extreme bravery, ran towards the war to the machine guns in the American planes on the field nearby. He was successful and had the machine gun over his shoulder running back to position when a second wave of Japanese fighters came in low firing and instantly killing him. Horans landing is named after him.

Please pick up a copy of Fourteen of Them to learn more about his life and the lives of the 13 other Tarrytown residents who lost their lives in the War.