The Mobile Company of America,1900

Walker Steamer Factory Collection of Wally Buxton

On July 16, 1899 Amzi Barber and John Brisben Walker purchased 225 acres at the foot of Beekman Avenue and commissioned leading architect Stanford White to build a 700 window brick and steel factory. The factory was known as The Mobile Company of America. By March 1900 the company was in full operation and by the summer the Walker Steamer was on the streets of Tarrytown for the first time.

The Walker Steamer collection of Wally Buxton

The Steamer could go more than 40 miles per hour and was run mostly on water with only one filling of oil was needed to go 1,000 miles. It sold for $650.

The company was unable to compete with the more efficient gasoline engines and ended up closing their doors and selling the factory in 1903 after making 600 steamers.