Miniature Sleepy Hollow Village Ride, c.1900

This miniature train ride was an amusement at Euclid Beach Park, Cleveland, Ohio.

It featured a tiny church and Ichabod Crane school house. The park itself opened in 1895, modeled after Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

It had seven wooden rollercoaster, sideshows, beer halls and even gambling along side this charming representation of Sleepy Hollow Village.

The amusement park’s owners aimed to ‘present nothing that would demoralize or depress’, enforcing a strict ‘moral code’ that allowed only children to wear shorts, and admitting African Americans only on certain days. The segregation of the park erupted in riots in 1946, and the park finally closed down in 1967. The main entrance is still there but the park including the tiny Sleepy Hollow Village were demolished.