Farrington’s Drug Store, 1893

Farrington’s Drug Store was a pharmacy located in Sleepy Hollow, New York, founded and operated by Evander Farrington.
Evander Farrington constructed the pharmacy at 60 Beekman Avenue, on the corner of Washington Street and Beekman Avenue in 1893  after previously being located elsewhere on Beekman Avenue for five years. He was assisted by his son, Frederick Farrington, who eventually took over the business.

The pharmacy was a popular gathering place for young people, with an expansive soda fountain where they could enjoy “The Finest Soda in Town”, or a refreshing glass of lemonade or grape juice. Residents would also come in to catch up on the latest baseball scores, which were telegraphed in.
Since 2001, the building has housed the Latin American restaurant Restaurante Amazonas.